Aquavation Bottle 101:

Thank you for asking! We love letting everyone know how much effort we have put into providing a safe Aquavation Generation One Sports Water Bottle! For starters and hugely important for reuse bottles today, our bottle contains no dyes, is BPA-free and meets all heavy metal requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 for toy safety. Intertek, a third-party lab certified by the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission to do the CPSIA testing provides our results.

Your bottle is a High Density and Low Density Polyethylene blend. This blend gives the bottle excellent chemical resistance, which means it won't break down even when it is containing chemicals that are corrosive. It is non-toxic and non-staining too! 

Made in an ASI (American Sanitation Institute) food safety certified plant. This means the plant has been verified by a third-party audit in their use of food safety manufacturing practices.

Cleaning 101:

Please note if you detect a plastic odor when your bottle arrives, use our favorite trick by letting it sit overnight filled with 1 tablespoon baking soda and water.  In the morning, wash and go!

Cyclist Love Aquavation!